Prayer Request

There Are No Limits to Prayer

Our Prayer Chaplain Program is a unique and rewarding sacred service program within our ministry that supports our congregants. It is an opportunity to both serve others and deepen your own spirituality.

No prayer request is too big or too small. Some people call when they’ve lost a loved one; others call when they’ve misplaced their keys! Even if you are not sure what to pray for, our prayer team will pray with you about your situation.

Our Prayer Chaplains are available on Sundays to pray with you, following the Sunday Service. All are welcome! Come pray with us!

What is a Unity Prayer Chaplain?

  • Someone who is here to support you on your spiritual journey.
  • Someone who will create and hold a spiritual space with you.
  • Someone who will listen to you and hold what is heard in strictest confidence.
  • Someone who prays from the heart with you.

Prayer Chaplains fulfill their role during the year by:

  • Praying with people one-on-one after the Sunday service.
  • Making monthly wellness calls to church members.
  • Making pastoral visits, occasionally, as determined is appropriate.
  • Attending monthly meetings for on-going training and support.
  • Committing to these responsibilities for one year at a time.

All training requirement must be completed (or repeated) each year for a Prayer Chaplain to re-commit for another year.

Current Prayer Chaplains

  • Bobbie Spivey, Coordinator
  • Becky Morgan

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